Champers and pizza? Hell yeah!

Parzen family dinner yesterday evening at the Parzen coterie’s semi-official pizzeria Mamma Mia began with a killer bottle of Bobby Stuckey’s Scarpetta Timido Brut Rosé, made from Pinot Nero and Franconia (drinking through some of the orphans from 2Bianchi Wine Selections). This wine is just so juicy and yummy and super food friendly. It was fantastic with pizzaiolo Cinzia’s awesome panzerotti.

Next came a bottle of Billecart-Salmon that had been gifted to brother Tad for his 50th birthday (I wonder by whom?). As BrooklynGuy likes to point out, Champagne is first and foremost a wonderful food-friendly wine and this delicious bottle delivered seamlessly: the bright acidity in the mineral-rich wine and its 12% alcohol were perfect with my prosciutto e funghi.

Tracie P and I were so happy to have three uninterrupted days and nights in San Diego with family and friends. Champers and pizza was the icing on the cake!

Happy birthdays brother Tad (August 17) and mama Judy (September 22)!

8 thoughts on “Champers and pizza? Hell yeah!

  1. guess what they called their new restaurant? yes, you guessed it: “Ciao Bella.”

    They’re from Abruzzo, super nice people, only employ young Italians as servers.

    They can’t get out of bed without starting a new business!

  2. Dude, I opened a bottle of Billecourt – Salmon for my birthday a few weeks ago. It was my first taste of this stuff – so fresh and elegant with healthy acidity. I think that I need to step it up in the ranks of B – S next time.

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