wedding cakes

Just had to add these photos quickly before we head out for the next adventure: we had a great lunch at Michele Coulon Dessertier, who created our wedding cake earlier this year. Most people think of her café purely for dessert, but her savory menu is FANTASTIC. All of her ingredients sourced for local growers, like the salad above, most of which came from San Diego’s famed Chino Farms.

wedding cakes

We try to eat at Michele’s every time we’re in La Jolla.

wedding cakes

Every time we visit Michele, it brings back such a great memory of our wedding cake! :-)

Now it’s time to get dressed up and head south…

6 thoughts on “One more from California (WARNING: CONTAINS EXTREME FIG CONTENT)

  1. loving the pics of all the fresh produce. Makes me feel my blog images have been far too meat-centric.

    Also wanted to comment on the recent Brunello article, but the commenting is blocked at the office (on that post…weird). Perhaps my I.T. department here works for the Brunello “old guard”…

  2. @Joe sorry you couldn’t comment on the recent post about Brunello! :-( I think that WordPress has been going through some upgrades.

    @Jason r u talking about the pickled beets?

    @Vinogirl thanks for enjoying the cake with us! :-) Michele is awesome and Tracie P is ALL ABOUT CAKE!

    @JT my thoughts EXACTLY!

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