$1 oysters and zero sulfur Garganega? Hell YEAH!

According to its website, La Biancara’s 100% Garganega “Pico” is 100% sulfur free. And I’m here to tell you that it’s 100% friggin’ delicious. Pair that with $1 oysters during happy hour at The Ten Bells on the Lower East Side and you get the following tasting note: HELL YEAH!

I am so unbelievably slammed this morning that I don’t have time to post my thoughts on why The Ten Bells is the hippest wine bar in the U.S. (and definitely in the top 5 for me).

Hey, wait a minute! Is that Muddy Boots horsing around with Dolcetto producer Anna Bracco at The Ten Bells?

In other news…

I also regret not having time to post about the off-the-charts meal I shared with BrooklynGuy and BrooklynLady at Aliseo in Brooklyn (where else?) last night.

But lest Alfonso think he corners the market on great food photography, here’s a taste of what’s to come…

Eat your heart out, Alfonso!

8 thoughts on “$1 oysters and zero sulfur Garganega? Hell YEAH!

  1. 10 bells rocks. We went there our first night in NYC last month based on your recommendation and another friend of ours in Reno. Everything we had (food and wine) was quite tasty. We absolutely loved the place. Highlight of the night was watching some young guys come in and try and order jack and cokes for their girlfriends.

  2. I see this as nothing more than a delay tactic to our inevitable “La Milza Smackdown” coming to knock you clean right out of your spleen, lil buddy:)

  3. hey Doc – that Garganega is a the Dressner wine I was talking about, by the way. I like it too and it gets better on the second day. good hanging with you-

  4. Thanks for the innumerable shout outs, amico. Thanks to you my traffic is almost getting back to where it was before they discontinued Asimov’s “The Pour” links

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