Texas Cajun Heritage Festival, Orange, Texas

From the “if you could see through my eyes, if you could hear with my ears, if you could smell and taste with my nose and palate” department…

cajun fest

Uncle Tim (right) won the competition for best potato salad.

cajun fest

But Tim’s gumbo is always a winner in my book. Man, that stuff is TASTY!

cajun fest

Vincent is from San Diego like me, although he “ain’t been there in a ‘coon’s age,” he told me.


These kids played like real pros. I guess it’s because it’s in their zydeco blood.

cajun fest

The dancing tent at the festival wasn’t exactly what you would call a “smoke-free” environment. The band was most definitely smokin’ too!

cajun fest

Word to the wise.

cajun fest

My Tracie P and I loved us some crawfish pistolettes.


The pistolettes were stuffed with crawfish étouffée.


Jaybo and his “Hoghide Cracklins” tossed in Cajun seasonings were awesome.


Jaybo revealed his technique to us.

annette pernell

Annette is a “baker of all things delicious” and man, let me tell you, she ain’t lying.

annette pernell

Annette’s “Mississippi Mud Cake.”

singing cowboy

The evening ended with grilled steak dinner back at Rev. and Mrs. B’s house. Pepaw really seemed to enjoy my guitar pickin’.

Thanks for reading, ya’ll!

6 thoughts on “Texas Cajun Heritage Festival, Orange, Texas

  1. so fun 2B! the one pic we were missing was the back of the guy’s red shirt that said “gulf coast cajuns, chapter A”

    pepaw loved your gee-tar…me too :x

  2. YUM…. all of it YUM!!!! I said Boudin in NC once…. I got lots of blank stares! What I wouldn’t give for some good gumbo right now!!! : )

  3. I just love how I can tune into this blog one day and read your passionate (and intellectually dead-on) posts about Brunello and the next day see you just loving’ life–pork skins, cracklins, Mississippi Mudcake, guitar pickin’ and all! Always puts a smile on my face. :-)

  4. Hey Jeremy and Tracie, what a great weekend with you two. Love ya’ll and miss you already. Get home safely and have a really good week. We will see you in just a few weeks. You didn’t mention in your blog the graduation party for Clark where we had some more ribs, brisket, chicken, green beans, potato salad and deserts to die for which may just be my fate after everything we ate this weekend. God is good and we are blessed to be able to enjoy life to the fullest.

  5. @Tracie P what a fun night with your family! When we tumbled into bed at the end of the night, I slept like a baby… I love you… :-)

    @Nicole Uncle Tim’s gumbo would be worth the trip alone (I’m not kidding!). Thanks for stopping by.

    @Susan Thanks so much for the kind words. They mean so much coming from a writer I admire like you. I’m so glad that folks enjoy the blog.

    @Rev B Thanks for welcoming me so warmly into the family and for all the love and support you and Mrs. B give me and Tracie P. What a wonderful weekend it was. Love ya’ll, too…

    @Joe I’m just discovering all this stuff for the first time. But I doubt I’ll ever get tired of it! ;-)

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