What do you serve the Pope when he visits Piedmont? Gaja of course!

I couldn’t help but marvel when I came across this story this morning in the feeds (thanks to Italy’s preeminent wine blogger Mr. Franco Ziliani).

What do you serve Pope Benedict XVI when he visits Turin for the current showing of the Holy Shroud? Gaja, of course!

Actually, the Pope drank only some aranciata amara (bitter orangeade) and a glass of Moscato d’Asti. But the other 39 guests at lunch drank the Dean of the College Cardinals Cardinal Angelo Sodano’s “favorite” wines: 2007 Rossi Bass and 2005 Barbaresco by Gaja, “a limited edition of 130 bottles with a back label commemoration signed by the great Langa winemaker.”

The lunch was served at the restaurant Marco Polo, owned by the aptly named Carlo Nebiolo.

I have to confess that I am fascinated by the Papacy and I find the Holy Shroud of Turin to be one of the most intriguing “texts” of Western Civilization (more on that another time). The Shroud is on display until May 23 (check out the Shroud blog here).

In other news…

Check out these photos I snapped when I visited the beach in Del Mar, California yesterday with my buddies around sunset.

I’m just an amateur photographer but lady California is a natural beauty.

The beach at Del Mar (not far from where I grew up) is one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world IMHO.

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