2003 Oddero Barolo in magnum: that’s what friends are for

Above: Giacomo Oddero 2003 Barolo in magnum was fantastic last night.

What can I say? Being a wine blogger has its perks. My buddy John Rikkers (whom I met through wine blogging) brought in a bottle of 2003 Barolo by Giacomo Oddero (one of my favorite traditionalist producers) to drink last night at Jaynes Gastropub following the Mamma Mia! tasting at the restaurant.

NOTA BENE: Jaynes does allow corkage. For a great guide on corkage, check out Lettie Teague’s article from a few years back, “Corkage for Dummies.” It’s a great set of rules-of-thumb for bringing your own bottle.

Above: John (right) and I met online through wine blogging and we always have a blast tasting together.

The 03 Oddero was simply singing last night: tar, goudron nose… earthy manure on the palate… mushroomy and elegantly tannic… Let me just go ahead and say it: cow shit in a glass and I loved it…

It’s a great example of how a lot of great wine was made in 2003, despite the challenging vintage, especially by those who take a traditional approach to Nebbiolo. It’s also a great example of how 2003 — an aggressively warm vintage — is drinking wonderfully right now. (I recently tasted 2003 Barbaresco by Produttori del Barbaresco and again, showing great right now.)

A propos wine blogging and folks I’ve met through the wine blogger community, check out this superb post by Gary Chevsky on his dinner with Mariacristina Oddero of Giacomo Oddero the other night at Donato Enoteca in Redwood, CA (a restaurant, I’m DYING to check out btw). Gary gives a great profile of the producer and the wines, definitely working checking out…

Thanks again, John. The 03 Oddero blew me away last night and was an awesome pairing for my Bangers and Mash. You R O C K!

12 thoughts on “2003 Oddero Barolo in magnum: that’s what friends are for

  1. excellent…
    im just about to post about the 2004 oddero brunate
    that i drank at the roma wine festival…. mamma mia
    i think that it changed my life… as far as barolo goes at least…

  2. Really not a great friend your buddy John Rikkers. The choice was for a forgettable vintage, 2003, not for a great and unforgettable vintage like 1999, 2001 or 2005… :)

  3. it was a pleasure having cristina. the wines were decanted five hours prior and served just below 60 degrees with piemontese cuisine, which makes a whole world of difference in young, traditional barolo. these wines are classic, of great quality but more than that, they are a great value. the 00 rionda is such a perfect wine right now; it’s reached that state where the tannins have softened and integrated–where beauty and finesse start becoming descriptors. i am picking up some 00 and 01 rionda this week.

  4. I think that 2003 presents an interesting opportunity to pick up some amazing bargains at the peak of their drinkability, but one must be very picky, and try before buy.

    Many thanks, Jeremy, for calling Iron Chevsky’s Oddero post “superb”. Your love of life, food, wine and Tracie P and your style of real personal honest blogging are inspiring!

  5. @Simona molto volentieri!

    @Croosadabilia will look forward to your post.

    @Franco with enemies like that, who needs friends?

    @Eric save a bottle of 01 Rionda for me and Tracie P!

    @Tracie P John invited us over to their new house next time we’re in town. :-) I bet they’ll have drunk all the good wine by then. ;-)

    @Gary your blog is everything that wine blogging should be, at least in my book! Thanks for the kind words. Blog on, brother!

  6. Well, one man’s cow shit is another man’s cow shit. We had a good time, and there’ll be plenty left to drink on your next visit. Cheers!

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