Vajra Wire! and killer wines I drank in San Diego

Wow, everybody was at Jaynes last night for our fantastic Piedmont tasting and a great tavolata afterward. That’s my super good buddy John Yelenosky, with his “Barolo King” t-shirt by Mouton Noir (John and his lovely wife Megan brought 2004 Asili by Produttori del Barbaresco. YES!). I’d like to thank everyone for coming out and taking the time to taste and chat with me about wines I truly love.

Above: 1999 Trebbiano d’Abruzzo by Valentini and scallop ceviche? Hell yeah!

Between me, Jon of Jaynes, and Whitney of Brunellos Have More Fun, nearly half of the Barbera 7 was also there! @Whitney so great to see you and get to taste together again!

I also wanted to thank my good friend Anthony Wilson, who made the trip down from Los Angeles to make the tasting. So good to hang with you, man. You make one Puro? Czak czak! ;-)

Above: My friend John Rikkers brought a magnum of 2006 single-vineyard Barbera Falletto by Giacosa… sheesh! good stuff…

I also wanted to thank everyone for all the thoughtful comments about yesterday’s Vajra post. If you have a Facebook, check out the comments I got over there: Roberto Paris, Ed McCarthy, David McDuff, Kyle Phllips, Colum Sheehan… wow, a heartfelt thanks to all of ya’ll for taking the time to read my posts and weighing in on Aldo’s remarkable Riesling. I felt like a celebrity with all this star-power! (Btw, if we’re not friends on Facebook, you can find me here.)

Above: Grand cru Chablis from 2002, anyone? Woooooooowwwww… THANK YOU ROBIN! :-)

I don’t really have time to post today and so my Italian fan, the one who expressed his “burning disappointment” that I haven’t finished posting on our February trip to Piedmont, will just have to wait.

Above: Top San Diego sommelier Brian Donegan is the KING of German Pinot Noir. Killer wine…

I’m going to be taking tomorrow off from blogging: tomorrow is the first day of the Passover and tonight we’re doing the seder at brother Micah’s house.

Above: Jayne let me try the new Pimm’s cup at Jaynes. Tennis, anyone?

So I’ll see you day after tomorrow. Thanks for reading in the meantime!

One note before I go… The 2005 Vajra Barolo Albe showed BEAUTIFULLY at the tasting yesterday. I noticed that a lot of folks have trouble pronouncing Vajra. It’s easy… It’s pronounced just like my middle name, Ira.

Hag sameach, ya’ll!

14 thoughts on “Vajra Wire! and killer wines I drank in San Diego

  1. Wow! Valentini Trebbiano! As rare as it may be, I can actually get that in TX (thx Domaine Select) but where oh where can one find Vajra? If the answer is nowhere you should add it to your portfolio. It’d give you something Italian to push in addition to your Burgs & Colgin. I’d be happy to pour the Moscato BTG.

  2. Good Pesach, pal! Enjoyed a bottle of Mike Dashe’s “L’Enfant Terrible” Zin with brisket and noodle kugel just last night. Something tells me Vajra’s Barbera (or Giacosa’s, if there’s any left) would work pretty darn well also.

  3. Hag sameach to you, Jeremy!

    I need to buy some of that 05 Vajra Barolo Albe; fortunately I know where to find some and think I might be able to fit it in during the work week….

    If you’re doing the full Passover food observance for the week, then good on you. Either way, good yuntuv.


  4. Man, do those Pimm’s cups look good… It is worth mentioning that Chambers St. in NY just picked up some old Produttori from a private cellar, including a 67 Pora for under $100 – wow.

  5. Great tasting! All the wines rocked! So how was that Valentini Trebbiano by the way? I have a couple of the ’98s and ’99s and have been reluctant to open. Was it drinking nicely? Or would you wait a few more years??


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  7. wow, thanks for the comments, folks!

    @Ken I’ve tasted Giacosa’s “cru” Barbera in magnum a number of times and it’s always fantastic. Bright acidity and that classic berry fruit. His 06s are great, regardless of his choice not to bottle the Barolo and Barbaresco. (I’ll send you a hi-res of the image if you like.)

    @lovers of Valentini the 99 was AMAZING. Still nervy acidity and gorgeous, elegant tannin. Flavors ranging from the slightly tropical to nuanced nutty. I hadn’t had the 99 in some time and was impressed by how young it was. I imagine the 98 is just as impressive.

    Thanks for all the comments!

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