Pajata and Poggio di Sotto

Can’t come to Rome without having pajata, small intestines of milk-fed lamb and their contents cooked (yes, the “contents”) cooked in tomato and served over rigatoni (at Renato e Luisa this time). Dining out in Rome is always an adventure and a “challenge.” We’ll post about our hit-and-miss meal when we get back (partly thrilling, partly disappointing). We did drink a stunning bottle of wine on our last night in Italy… Poggio di Sotto 2000 Brunello!

Sunset in Maremma

Yesterday was a travel day. We drove down to the sea from Langa and headed south along the Ligurian and Tuscan coastline to Rome. The Italian riviera basked in the midday sun set against a 60s soundtrack mix we had made. It was like a movie! The sunset was so beautiful in Maremma we stopped at a gas station and took this photo. What a trip this has been! So many tales to tell and it was like we fell in love all over again. Our first trip to Italy together! I love her so much. :-)

I’ll never forget when I told my friends Jayne and Jon about her. “And she speaks Italian???!!!” They asked. She is such an amazing beautiful woman.

Today we spend the last day opf our honeymoon in Rome. What a dream this has been!

G. Mascarello 2003 Barolo Monprivato Ca’ d’ Morissio

Mauro Mascarello was the only winemaker in Langa I know who made his “reserve” in the 2003 vintage and what a wine he made! Soon to be released.

Also please see Franco’s blog for his notes on Giacosa 07: He posted today. Thanks again Franco for a truly unforgettable weekend of tastings! What an amazing wedding present you gave us! :-)

I’ll post notes and observations as soon as we’re settled back in Texas.

Tasting with Mauro Mascarello

Sunday afternoon we also tasted with Mauro Mascarello producer of Giuseppe Mascarello. Another amazing tasting. Thanks everyone for the notes and comments. I promise to write tasting notes and observations on the plane home tomorrow and post shortly. All I can say right now posting from my phone is AMAZING experience! To be continued…