Feeling fat and stinky (and that’s a good thing)

Above: fat and stinky. I can’t say where it came from or who shared it with me (since it’s illegal in this country), but this Ami du Chambertin was fantastic yesterday evening at my buddy’s place. This week I’m feeling just like that cheese.

When I first moved to NYC and got a job as a magazine editor, one of the graphics guys was a Russian. Slava was his name, very talented dude and a good friend. Every time he’d see me laugh or smile, he’d say, “Jeremy, suck a lime.” In other words, stop smiling because unless you don’t something bad will surely happen.

Well, I’m throwing caution to the wind because it’s been a good week and I’m feeling fat and stinky like that cheese.

Found out yesterday that Nous Non Plus’ Fille Atomique (from …Nous Non Plus self-titled) will be featured on the show Gossip Girl on Monday (8 p.m. Pacific, check your local listings).

Our new album, Ménagerie, is being printed as I write this and will be out in January.

This week I’m finishing the final edits on my behemoth translation of a Guide to Italian Cinema for Princeton U. Press. I’ve been working on this book for a few years now and it’s great to see it come to fruition.

And this weekend I’m headed to Austin, Texas to hang out, relax, and listen to some good music during Austin City Limits. Maybe I’ll even get to dance with a pretty girl… I can just hear Slava saying it, suck a lime…

In other news…

I really like this post today by McDuff: one of the things I like about his blog is the way he balances the human aspect of our business with great tasting notes and informed background. I was just talking to some colleagues about Vajra last night and lo and behold, David posted on the winery today.

Italian Wine Guy is back from Italy and shared with me this updated list of the now 41 Italian DOCGs (a few new ones were added this summer). Alfonso, looking forward to seeing you this weekend in Austin, man!

7 thoughts on “Feeling fat and stinky (and that’s a good thing)

  1. Trace, didnt you hear? Its ACL (Austin City Limits) meets IWB (Italian WIne Bloggers) weekend. Wolfgang from Spume will also be in Austin, we’re havin’ a fat and stinky blog-jam,sistah!

  2. suce un citron vert, jeremy!
    thanks for the recommendation, i will have to try this LEGALLY… hee hee heeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!
    divertiti bene, lo meriti bene!

  3. Jeremy
    Congrats on the Gossip Girl gig. I only wish I had some of that stinky cheese to eat while watching my favorite Cheetoesque show, GG.
    Ps Celine dijon–thanks for the chortle, love the name

  4. Technically, Ami du Chambertin is not illegal in the U.S. It just needs to be aged longer than normal (at least 60 days, I think) to meet import restrictions. That said, I don’t recall ever seeing at the top cheese
    shops in NYC. Jeal-ous!

  5. Jeremy,

    When in Piemonte last week I went to a dinner just outside of Barbaresco where I shared a bottle of 1996 Vajra with some friends. The little place we went let guests take a look in their wine room themselves instead of choosing from a list. The producer whom I was with got real excited when he saw the bottle for cheap. And I was real excited watching it open up while I ate some chicken brains and other Piemonte treats during the meal.


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