Waiter, waiter! There’s a worm in my chive flower! FANTASTIC cavatelli with mussels and chickpeas

My dining companions were more alarmed by the worm in my chive flower than was I. The flower and worm arrived atop a truly fantastic dish of cavatelli with mussels and chickpeas at the Borgo Egnazia, a fancy schmancy resort on the eastern coast of Apulia where we’re staying for the judging.

This was probably my favorite dish so far on this trip. I viewed the worm as a sign of nature and, frankly, I probably would have eaten it in the spirit of experiencing the terroir. But the however sweet lady seated to my right was thoroughly dismayed by its appearance and it was subsequently whisked away after being betrayed by her moan.

I also really loved the chef’s pistachio ice cream drizzled with extra-virgin olive oil.