Malvasia two ways: grape name pronunciation project


As ubiquitous as Malvasia (mahl-vah-ZEE-ah) may be in Italy (and in Europe), it is unfortunately one of the most mispronounced grapes beyond Italy’s borders.

For today’s episode of the Italian Grape Name and Appellation Project, I have created two videos: 1) Malvasia pronounced by a Tuscan speaker (Valeria Losi of Querciavalle); and 2) Malvasia (Istriana) pronounced by a Friulian speaker (Giampaolo Venica of Venica & Venica). Note the more nasal vowel system in Giampaolo’s pronunciation and the more rapid scansion of the ampelonym. Valeria’s vowels (ah) are more open and even speaking at a normal pace, she pronounces the grape name more slowly.

Video by Alfonso Cevola.

That’s a view of Giampaolo’s land from his top growing site, Ronco delle Mele. Giampaolo will be joining us at Sotto in Los Angeles on Wednesday June 22 for a winemaker dinner where we’ll be pouring 4 of his Friulian whites and his Magliocco from Calabria. Details to follow…