Sparkling Verduzzo & seafood grill @ Do Fogheri (arrivederci, Venezia)

What an incredible trip it’s been, in so many ways. But most of all because it was Georgia P’s first (and it was our first as parents).

We spent our last night in Venice at an airport hotel.

I didn’t expect much for the trattoria across the street, Do Fogheri (the two hearths, one outside for summer, one inside for winter). But we were pleasantly surprised to find that it was a locals-only place, with fantastic grilled fish and wonderful 11.5% alcohol sparkling Verduzzo — old school, all the way. We loved it. And it was the perfect meal for our last night in Italy… arrivederci, Venezia, my old friend, arrivederci Italia…

Of course, we’re happy to be heading back to Texas after two weeks on the road. Georgia P has had a great time and we’re blessed with a baby who loves to sleep in the car.

One of my best friends ever and my roommate from my first year at the university of Padua (1987), Steve, came out to meet Georgia P and join us for dinner (he lives with his family in nearby Padua). It was great to see him and share the joy of Georgia P’s smiles and laughter (and her love for bigoli al ragù).

I’ll be taking a break from blogging for the next days and will see you on Tuesday after the first day of the Jewish new year.

Thanks for following along, everyone, and sharing this unforgettable trip with us. I have so much to tell about the winemakers we spoke to and the new wines we discovered.

In the meantime, may G-d bless you and may your new year be filled with health, sweetness, and happiness.

L’shanah tovah, yall. See you in a few days…

Italian old-school rope barometer

Sent to me by Italian-university-days roomate and super good friend, Steve Muench (scroll down for his self-portrait), who lives not far from the dorm where we first met in Padua, with his wife Sita and their beautiful daughters. He snapped this on their recent vacation in Umbria.

@Steve how long have we known each other? twenty-some odd years now? :-)


Rope Barometer

Dry Rope
Good Weather

Wet Rope

Rigid Rope

Invisible Rope

Flapping Rope

My favorite is “invisible rope [=] fog.” If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

I hope everyone is having a relaxing Saturday like me and my Tracie P! :-)