Mommy blog: posting from a mile high!


Wow, it’s amazing: wifi on a Southwest flight from San Diego (where I had a layover) from Austin, on my way to Oakland where Nous Non Plus (the faux-French band I play in) has a gig tonight at Rickshaw Stop.

I’ll take advantage of this momentous occasion to do a “mommy” blog post (as Alfonso likes to say).

Here’s what Library Journal had to say about my Brunetta translation (History of Italian Cinema): “This thoroughly detailed and seemingly experiential guide through the annals of Italian cinema conveys a lot of information but never seems less than easily gaited and conversational. Rare for a title of its scope, this is an absorbing, passionately told narrative.”

Maybe a mother will have something to be proud of this mother’s day.

My first mile-high email was to… guess who? Yup, you guessed it!