Best places to eat in Nashville (or at least where I ate)

Above: The Salmon-Bacon Sandwich with Farro Salad at Marché Artisan Foods. Ashley told me that the bread there was fantastic and it was.

If you want to eat well in any given town, ask a wine rep: because they spend time and money at their accounts, they always know the best places to eat (and they get the best tables!).

Above: The Club Sandwich at Marché. Also excellent. The bread and the peeled, gently roasted, and caramelized tomatoes took it over the top.

I was the beneficiary of such knowledge on Wednesday, after Ashley Hall, Kermit Lynch’s southeast U.S. sales manager, picked me up at the airport in Nashville and took me around town with her as she made some account calls (I love that her blog is called “Ashley Hall, the person”).

Above: I am a little hesitant to eat seafood when the sea is more than a stone’s throw away but the octopus salad at City House, an Italian-themed restaurant, was excellent. It was fresh and the octopus tender.

Kermit had been complaining that he hadn’t had a good meal in Nashville (where he’s recorded his current and upcoming records). But Ashely ably remedied that by taking us to City House. I wish this place had a better wine list but the staff was highly knowledgeable about the wines and they did have one of my favorite (undisputably) natural wines, Lunar by Movia, which our super nice waiter Jocelyn handily decanted. The pizza was among the best and the most authentically Neapolitan I’ve had in the U.S. Thanks again, Ashley, for hooking it all up!

Above: The pizza at City House was truly superb and the venue should definitely be added to the many “best pizza in the U.S.” lists that have circulated over the last year. An expert in all things Neapolitan, Tracie B always points out that the dough of true Neapolitan pizza should be crispy and firm but slightly undercooked in the very middle of the pie. She would have thoroughly approved. Road trip, Tracie B? ;-) I highly recommend it.

The Kermit Lynch listening party event was a lot of fun that night and a great success (here’s another blogger’s post on the shindig). I met a lot of wonderful folks that evening and found that Nashville — no surprise — is a highly cosmopolitan and culinarily minded destination.

Above: Noshville (get it? NOSHville) isn’t exactly what I’d call an authentic New York delicatessen (Kenny and Ziggy’s in Houston still holds the top-deli-outside-the-city spot in my book) but bagels and lox for breakfast were good and the celeb-watching is well worth the price of admission.

Thursday I made a visit to the Country Music Hall of Fame and walked around Broadway and did me some honkytonking. I’ll post about the Hank Williams exhibit and the music I heard tomorrow.

Above: Would a trip to Nashville be complete without a fried Bologna sandwich? I stopped into Robert’s Western Wear on Broadway for lunch yesterday.

I had a blast in Nashville but man, am I happy to get back home to my baby’s arms (and her cooking)! We’re staying in tonight…