New York Stories 4: amazing seafood lunch with BrooklynGuy

I had the extremely good fortune to be invited to Saturday lunch in the home of BrooklynFamily, where lucky guests are greeted with a glass of sherry.

Black Tuscan kale and watermelon radish salad.

Seafood for their home is sourced at the Grand Army Plaza weekly farmers market.

BrooklynGuy delivered his noodles al dente with the deft hand of a seasoned pro.

We joked about how when wine bloggers like us get together, it’s like when we were teenagers and went over to our friend’s house so said friend “could play his records” for us. An apt analogy!

Same-day catch flounder dredged lightly in fine cornmeal and flour and sautéed gently in extra-virgin olive oil, Savoy cabbage and celery root slaw on the side.

Dessert was utterly earthy and delicious.

BrooklynGuy’s blog is my number-one resource for finding great value in Burgundy and Champagne. If you’re not following, you don’t know what you’re missing!