Zen and the art of the spritz

Lachlan and I went back to the Caffè del Corso on the main piazza in Cividale del Friuli yesterday between winery visits for an audience with the grand master of the spritz, owner Simone, who delivered a lecture on the nuance of Aperol vs. Campari. When time and technology permit, I’ll relate what he had to say…

Getting my spritz on in Friuli

Bobby, Lachlan, and I got our Aperol spritz on during the ora dell’aperitivo (the aperitif hour) in downtown Cividale del Friuli yesterday.

In keeping with my credo no wine without food, no food without wine, I just had to have a few mortadella cubes, even though I knew that much food lay in my immediate future…

Coffee culture in Friuli

In Friuli, the default coffee service is caffé macchiato, i.e., an espresso with a spot of steamed milk, like this coffee that I had at the Caffè San Marco in Cividale del Friuli, where I stopped this morning on the way to my final destination.

One of my first major translations was the “Bottega del Caffè” (“The Coffee House”) by 18th-century Italian comediographer Carlo Goldoni, set in Venice with the then nascent European coffee culture as backdrop (New York, Marsilio, 1998).