Do bianchi at Osteria alla Veneta @Bele_Casel

At the end of our workday yesterday, Luca and I stopped for do bianchi, two glasses of white wine before dinnertime.

We went to the Osteria alla Veneta, a classic Veneto tavern, owned and run by a classic Veneto oste, tavern-keeper Claudio Oriandi (in the photo above).

The expression “do bianchi” (DOH BEE’AH-kee) is a good one to know when you visit the Veneto.

Given the choice, I opted for the 2007 Pacher Hof Sylvaner, a muscular expression of this grape variety. For the first taste of wine of the day, I probably would have opted for something a little lighter in body but it was delicious nonetheless.

I vin che ghe xe sempre… “The wines we always carry,” in other words, “wines by the glass.” Note the prices: Euro 1.30 or 1.50. And note the selection of grape varieties. Also note how Tocai is used (no on calls it Friulano here!).

Proverbs, words, expressions [of the day]: shortcomings are like smells; those who have shortcomings have a harder time smelling them than those who find themselves in the company of those who have shortcomings.

Claudio was super nice, the apotheosis of the Veneto oste. Man, I love me some Veneto! It’s where I feel at home in Italy… :)

Osteria alla Veneta
by Claudio Oriandi
31031 Caerano di San Marco (TV)
Via Altivole 45 cell. (011 39) 346 4923941

There’s no listing on Google Places for the osteria by here’s the Google map for the actual address. It’s practically across the street from Luca’s winery, Bele Casel. Highly recommended. Luca says it’s where all the truck drivers eat. “You eat well and the prices are great.”

Stop the presses: one more sparkling recommendation from David McDuff

David McDuff’s Food and Wine Trail is a daily read over here at Do Bianchi: I’ve always admired David’s writing on Italian wine and I really love how he brings Italian wine into context, like this great post, “Eating Israeli, drinking Italian.”

I know he must have heard it a thousand times but indulge me: “Lay on, Macduff!”

A Do Bianchi Xmas

When Jeremy invited me to send along a note or two from the Xmas holiday season, I figured, “Sure thing!” I could just write up the Extra Brut Réserve Champagne from Bérèche et Fils, the one and only wine I savored with Christmas dinner. But nah, it’s the holidays and everyone else will write up Champagne. So how about some Italian sparklers? I could regale his readers with stories of how good the Prosecco Montello e Colli Asolani Extra Dry from Bele Casel was with my wife’s frittata (mushroom, sausage and sage) and homemade scones we served at our post-holiday brunch. Or of how well G.D. Vajra’s 2007 Moscato d’Asti worked with the cherry pie our friend baked and brought along. But nah, those are too obvious as well, too much in keeping with the Italianate leanings here at Do Bianchi.

Finally, I decided on bubbles of another kind entirely: beer. I picked up a case of Jolly Pumpkin’s “La Roja” around holiday time last year and it’s been a real pleasure to check in with a bottle periodically, to experience its evolution from sour, bright and funky early in the year to its current state—mellower, slightly less tangy and altogether refreshing. Perfect with a simple dinner of shrimp and chips after all the Christmas season feasting. Now if only I knew what I’ll be doing for New Year’s…

David McDuff