We bought a house! Happy Thanksgiving!

Tracie, the girls, and I couldn’t be more geeked to share the good news: earlier this month, we closed on a house in the same Houston neighborhood where we’ve been living for the last eight years.

It’s all thanks to Tracie, who started working full-time in April of last year as a realtor.

Because of her hard work, it only took about a half of a year for us to shore up our finances after the financial calamity of the 2020 closures. She didn’t just double our family’s income. She took it to the next level.

I have a big confession to make: I’ve been sleeping with my realtor!

Tracie’s insight and experience and her finely honed skills as a negotiator made it all possible.

It was stressful for both of us and especially her. But she got us the house and the mortgage we wanted, even as the rates were going up (that’s how good she is).

It’s been a surreal and magical time for all of us and maybe most of all for the girls.

The biggest news in their world is the fact that they will each have their own room. They are SUPER STOKED about that. And so are me and Tra.

When I think about the arc of our peripatetic lives — after all, Tracie was living in Italy when we first became aware of each other and I had been living in New York — it’s incredible and wonderful for me to think about how we finally got here.

I can’t imagine anywhere else in the world for our girls to grow up healthy and strong and surrounded by people of every gradation of humanity.

I simply can’t contain the happiness the new house has brought to all of us. Poo poo poo, as the old folks used to say. It’s a dream come true.

Thanks to everyone who has been rooting for us. We finally made it! And thanks for letting me share our joy here.

Happy Thanksgiving! We’ll be moving this weekend. Come give us a hand!

3 thoughts on “We bought a house! Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. Complimenti e tanti auguri!
    Congratulations and good luck in the new digs.
    One more thing to give thanks for at your wonderful Family table on Thanksgiving Day

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