The Lila Jane birthday miracle. Happy birthday sweet girl!

Lila Jane, happy birthday! You are nine years old today! We love you so much and are so proud of you, sweet girl!

Last Saturday, we were packing for our yearly trip to San Diego to visit your grandmother there when your uncle called.

Your grandmother had come down with Covid. Even though she had all her shots, we were all really concerned about her.

And we were all disappointed about our cancelling our trip. We were looking forward to staying with her in La Jolla where she lives. And we were sad that we wouldn’t be able to celebrate your birthday on your favorite La Jolla beach with your California friends.

But yesterday, good news arrived! The doctor said that your grandma is getting better and she said that she’s starting to feel like herself again. Mommy and I changed our flights and now we’ll be leaving early next week for our trip. And all your friends are getting the bonfire and the s’mores ready for your birthday beach party!

It’s a birthday miracle!

Lila Jane, you bring so much joy into our lives.

Your cello, your piano, your grades at school… You are everything mommy and I could dream of.

Your humor, your creativity, your love for your doggies. We love how thoughtful and caring you are. And we love how you cherish your friends and the time you spend with them.

Lila Jane, you are the one and the only and I wrote you this song. I love you and am looking forward to celebrating your birthday today at home and next week on the beach! Happy birthday, sweet girl!

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