Not a “racist bone” in his body? Trump supporters: stop the charade already!

You don’t like the tweets but you like the policy.

You don’t like the menacing language but you like the direction the country’s going.

He’s a straight shooter who tells it like it but sometimes the message comes out wrong.

“There’s not a racist bone in his body” but the media spins it to sound racist.

Remember when a white supremacist threatened Tracie and me and told us to “get the f*ck across the border” because we didn’t like a newly constructed Confederate memorial in Tracie’s home town (on MLK Dr. no less)?

Sound familiar?

Even some Republicans are starting to get nervous about Donald Trump’s language.

You know why? Because it’s becoming increasingly difficult to argue that he’s not a racist.

And there’s a reason for that (in case you haven’t noticed): he is a racist, a “white grievance” politician who’s based his entire political career on stoking the flames of racial division and violence — from the invocation of “Mexican rapists” to the chants of “send her back.”

Many to the left of Donald Trump (and perhaps some of his supporters) remember the famous lines from Martin Luther King’s 1967 speech: a time comes when silence is betrayal

Few know that King didn’t pen the aphorism. In fact, as he acknowledges in the speech, he borrows it from the platform of an antiwar group known as the Clergy and Laymen Concerned about Vietnam, the largest religiously based antiwar organization at the time.

In the lines that followed the now iconic truism, they wrote:

    Both the exercise of faith and the expression of the democratic privilege oblige us to make our voices heard. For while we speak as members of religious communities, we also speak as American citizens. Responsible expressions of disagreement and dissent is the lifeblood of democracy, and we speak out of loyalty that refuses to condone in silence a national policy that is leading our world toward disaster.

There comes a time when silence is betrayal. And the time is now to stand up and speak out.

When our nation’s president menaces sitting members of congress with vexations that echo racist tropes like “go back to Africa” and “go back to Mexico,” the time is now to honor our obligation to make our voices heard.

Those who stand idly by, prisoners of political expedience and their lack of moral fortitude, will have to face their own reckoning with morality.

For those who condone Trump’s vituperation, the time is now to admit that they, too, are racists to the bone.

3 thoughts on “Not a “racist bone” in his body? Trump supporters: stop the charade already!

  1. Wine? Where? I read wine columns. If you want to write political blogs, maybe post em somewhere else, like The New Yorker, or on a Antifa bomb website.

    • Dude. You do realize that this is Jeremy’s personal blog and he can post whatever he chooses? Or should he clear it through you first ‘cause you da man?

  2. Donald Trump doesn’t bother me as much as the people who enable him, especially those in a leadership position.

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