A mother of all sandwiches (and updates from New York and Houston)

A bunch of folks commented yesterday on the above photo posted on my social media.

I’m really into sandwiches (it that’s not already abundantly apparent).

Yesterday’s was uncured ham, Colby-Jack cheese, red leaf lettuce, sliced tomato, thinly sliced red onion, generously slathered Mexican-style mayonnaise (with lime juice), stacker pickle, French’s mustard (also generously doused), lightly sprinkled kosher salt, and freshly cracked Cambodian pepper (that my older brother gave us, one of our current obsessions). It was all layered on slightly toasted Italian country bread from Whole Foods.

No wine pairing because I rarely drink at lunch, sorry.

I’m glad that social media friends enjoyed it as much as I did!

In other news…

Today finds me in New York City, literally for 24 hours and a couple of meetings with a favorite client.

Last night he treated me to a spritz at Bar 54 atop the Hyatt Centric Hotel Times Square. That’s the view looking south. I highly recommend it.

It’s always strange to be back in the city where I spent my 30s, especially when I’m here solely for business and not connecting with friends.

But, hey, it’s nice work if you can get it! I ain’t complaining.

In other other news…

Thanks, everyone, for all the sweet birthday wishes over the weekend!

On Saturday, the girls, Tra, and I spent the day together doing fun stuff and cooking a fat dinner to be paired with a bottle of Nebbiolo.

And on Sunday, my new band BioDynamic played a Bastille Day gig in midtown Houston. I even revived Cal d’Hommage, my stage name from the good ol’ French band days (WAY back in the day).

It was a great birthday weekend and the wishes meant the world to me.

Gotta run now… wish me luck and wish me speed!

And btw, I still have a few spots open for the Prosecco seminar I’m leading with Flavio Geretto from Villa Sandi tomorrow at Vinology in Houston. HIT ME UP!

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