Slow Wine 2020 needs you! Accepting applications for field contributors (to visit and profile Slow wineries)

From the department of “labor amoris”…

Above: Jared Brandt of Donkey and Goat at the winery’s tasting room and winemaking facility in Berkeley.

It’s a thankless job and pays just a pittance. But it’s one of the most fulfilling and fun gigs in the wine world (that is, if you’re into California and Oregon wine).

The editors of the Slow Wine guide 2020 are currently accepting applications for field contributors.

Please email me here if you would like us to consider you for the position (I’m the guide’s coordinating editor for California and Oregon).

Field contributors are tasked with the following:

– contact producers to set up winery visits;
– visit wineries to taste, interview, and photograph;
– write roughly 300-word profiles of roughly 10 estates (some contributors do more).

It’s now our third year of putting together the west coast guides and we’ve managed to streamline the process this time around. I’ll fill you in once I hear from you (including deadlines etc.).

The best part of the gig is the interaction with the producers and the opportunity to taste some of the best wines in the U.S.

And of course, there’s also In-N-Out burger (below). Not very slow but man, it sure hits the spot after a long day of tasting through California.

I look forward to hearing from you! Please help spread the word: we are expanding the guide again this year and need all the filed editors we can get.

Thanks in advance! Evviva Slow Wine!

3 thoughts on “Slow Wine 2020 needs you! Accepting applications for field contributors (to visit and profile Slow wineries)

  1. Hello! I am interested in learning more about the position. The embedded email link is not working, could you provide the contact information?


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