Vlog post: tasting some Super Tuscans at 8:15 a.m. at Ca’ Parzen (video)

Super Tuscans aren’t really my thing but I was happy to taste these wines for an old friend who works as a publicist in the New York wine trade.

The wines were very good. Not my style but very well made, balanced, and tasty. The flagship wine, Monteti, just needs some bottle aging to integrate its oak. Very nice wines. Probably well priced.

There’s been a lot of investment in “upper” (as I call it) or central Maremma. It’s a swath of land that lies inland from the coast between two mountain chains (as you can see in the Google map screenshot above).

We’re going to be seeing a lot more international-style wines coming from that part of Tuscany. The wines I tasted this morning are indicative of the style.

I hope you enjoy the video! Thanks for tasting with me.

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