“THAT FLAG HAS, in fact, now become synonymous with hate, bigotry, ‘white supremacy’ and pro-slavery.”

Please join our protest of the newly constructed confederate memorial in Orange, Texas tomorrow morning.

Two weeks ago, I posted about our ongoing protest of the newly constructed confederate memorial in Orange, Texas where Tracie grew up. I also wrote about the Sons of Confederates Veterans member behind the memorial. I believe that he is also behind the anonymous letter he sent to Tracie’s 97-year-old grandmother in order to terrorize her and harm our family.

A week after I shared my posts on Facebook, the following comment was posted on the Facebook page that I’ve devoted to our efforts to stop construction of the site. I don’t personally know the woman who wrote them. I do know is that she is white and, gauging from the news stories she shares on her personal Facebook, she is very conservative. When I thanked her for sharing her insights and for her support, she responded with the second set of comments below. They speak for themselves.

As she writes, the people behind this monument aren’t celebrating their heritage and history. They are attempting to terrorize black residents and anyone else who denounces their racist views.

My comrades and I have no problem with people celebrating history and heritage. I believe that confederate flags have their proper place in American iconography and in our self-awareness as Americans. But I also believe that the intersection of Interstate 10 and Martin Luther King, Jr. Dr. is not an appropriate place to display them, especially when nearly half of the residents who live in that city are black.

This is not about heritage or history. This is not about denying someone’s freedom of speech or liberty to celebrate their heritage. It’s about common sense and common decency: the city of Orange doesn’t want to be known as the Texas town that builds new confederate memorials, monuments hurtful to so many — black or white or brown — residents of the community there.

Tracie and I will be protesting the Confederate Memorial of the Wind tomorrow morning from 10 a.m. until noon (Saturday, September 22). Please join us.


Jeremy, your statement “… I’ve been told that many of the Sons (I am presuming that you mean the Sons of Confederate Veterans) have complained that his attitudes and lack of sensitivity don’t align with their values..” is ABSOLUTELY CORRECT. ABSOLUTELY!! (I was a wife, and in the Order of the Confederate Rose, I believe it is called.). I personally witnessed those same or similar words spoken, about this exact situation, more than once or twice. True, they recognized that there were many other issues involved, and that his plans must have other motivations. Reading your post, it just hit me what “memorial” you are referring to. Yes, I can attest to your statements.

Jeremy Parzen you’re welcome but just speaking the truth. And you’re right. Most of us (and I’m not speaking for you, idk your opinion on this, maybe “many people” is a better way to phrase it) know and believe that the battle flag was just one of many flags and was not THE “confederate flag”.

HOWEVER, THAT FLAG HAS, in fact, now become synonymous with hate, bigotry, “white supremacy” and pro-slavery. Like it or not, it has. IT HAS. IT IS.

As such, knowing that, a great degree of discernment and restraint has to be used in deciding when and where to display it, and probably more importantly, just what the actual purpose and intent of displaying it is.

I can tell you that the SCV people I knew were cognizant of that fact, and did not advocate displaying it in any setting where the main objective was not education or preserving history.

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