LEGALIZE IT! Taste Bele Casel Prosecco Col Fondo with me (for the first time legally!) in Houston, Thursday 8/23 at Vinology

For years now, I’ve been smuggling Bele Casel Prosecco Col Fondo into the state of Texas. (I confess, TABC! You got me, Three-Tier System Crusader!).

The motivation for my illicit activity was the fact that Bele Casel wines were not legally available in my adoptive state. Without an importer or licensed distributor here, you could only find the wines on the American coasts, where they have been available for years. Sadly, Texas is one of the most restrictive no-ship states in the union (thank you, Wholesalers Lobby!). And the state’s alcoholic beverage commission aggressively enforces the no-ship rule. That means that law-abiding Texans couldn’t buy the wines at an out-of-state retailer and have them shipped here.

But as of this week, Bele Casel — one of my favorite Italian wineries and one of my longtime clients (I author their English-language blog) — is now officially and legally available in Texas.

Austin-based progressive importer Rootstock agreed to bring the wines in last year and they are finally here.

Next Thursday, my good friend Nathan Smith and I will be presenting the wines at one of my favorite Houston wine bars and shops, Vinology. Please call the shop (info below) to reserve.

A lot of my Texas wine friends have already tasted the wines at our house. Now they’ll finally be able to take the wines home with them, too — legally. I couldn’t be more happy about that.

Bele Casel Tasting and Seminar
Thursday, August 23
6:30 p.m.
Call the shop to reserve.
2314 Bissonnet St.
Houston TX 77005
(832) 849-1687
Google map

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