Happy anniversary, Tracie P! I believe in you and me…

jeremy-parzen-wifeHappy anniversary, Tracie P! Thank you for giving us our sweet, sweet babies and thank you for giving me the best years of my life.

The woman brought the very best out of you when she said I do.

I wrote those lines for you last year and they ring truer than ever: even in these uncertain times as the world is changing so rapidly around us, I look at you and the family we are raising and I know that I have too many blessings to count.

Happy anniversary, beautiful lady. You are my partner, my wife, my lover, and my muse. I love you more deeply than ever and these last seven years of our lives have been the richest, most wonderful, and most fulfilling I have known.

Here’s another one of the songs I wrote for you last year. It means even more to me today than yesterday…

For once in my life
I’m taking the time
To feel the grass between my toes
Taking a break
For goodness sake
I want to smell the roses
At the end of the day
All that remains
Are the memories of the times
We spent together
For now and forever
You show me yours, I’ll show you mine

I believe in you and me

Once in a while
It makes me smile
To think of all those years ago
So many friends
It never ends
All the love to them I owe
But now they’re gone
Just like a song
Playing on a jukebox radio
They meant so much
But they can’t touch
The lady that I love and know

I believe in you and me

And though the nights can be long and cold
It’s good to know that I am growing old
With someone I can have to hold
And if you ever need your space
I’ll take the girls to the park for the day
We’ll get that ice cream mustache face

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