Parzen and Levy families doing well in Houston. Thanks for all the notes after yesterday’s shooting in Texas.

It was actually an Italian friend and colleague of mine who alerted me via Facebook that there had been a shooting yesterday in Houston where Tracie P and I have been living with our girls for more than two years now.

When I received her message on Facebook, my heart sank before I immediately called Tracie to learn that everyone was okay.

The shooting occurred at a shopping mall that our family regularly frequents. Tracie shops often at a craft/hobby store there for her cookie-making supplies and we’ve attended kids birthday parties there as well.

And some of our Levy cousins also live close by.

Thank G-d, everyone is okay.

Yesterday and this morning, I found myself writing to my Italian friends wondering out loud: who could have imagined that our children (ages 4 and 3) would be growing up during “years of lead” (or “years of terrorism”) as our Italian sisters and brothers did during the 1960s, 70s, and early 80s? Bombings, shootings, and kidnapping were common in Italy during those years.

Between the news of the shooting and reports from last night’s presidential debate, I can only think to myself: o tempora, o mores.

Thanks again to everyone who checked in. We really appreciate it.

rothko houston

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