daddy, how do you say “family” in Italian?

fusili tomato sauce recipeYesterday evening, after the girls helped me cook the tomato sauce (from chopping the shallots and crushing the garlic to deglazing with Garganega and stirring as the cherry tomatoes simmered), the four of us sat down at the dinner table and Georgia P asked me, “daddy, how do you say ‘family’ in Italian?”

We’ve been learning a lot of new words in Italian over the last few weeks and it’s not unusual for Georgia to ask me how to say words she’s curious about in Italian.

cooking tomato sauceBut as far as linguistic inquiry goes, this was a special one.

Both girls are doing great and Lila Jane is going through a language explosion.

She and I did a session in studio A at Baby P studios yesterday afternoon.

recording studio for kidsAnd before their bedtime, Tracie P had a special request for a couple of rounds of “ready, set, go!” (below).

Buona domenica, everyone, as they say in Italian.

Enjoy a restful and peaceful Sunday before the work week begins again tomorrow.

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