Back when we was fab: 10 years since my top-ten college radio record

jeremy parzen bandAbove: performing with my band Nous Non Plus in Germany in 2008. That was what I looked like when I met Tracie B now P.

It was one of the high points of my life: my band’s top-ten college radio record, Nous Non Plus “Self-Titled.”

In January and February of 2006, our debut album appeared for four weeks on CMJ, the indy rock charts.

We debuted at 18 (not bad) and peaked at 6. Just look at the other artists in the top twenty!

cmj chart 2016It really was a dream-come-true for me as a song-writer and performer.

nous non plus band frenchThat moment is rivaled only by the time the previous incarnation of the band opened for Ringo Starr in 2003. Can you imagine how exciting that was for me? We opened for a Beatle! It was an amazing night. Nora Jones played that night as well at the Bottom Line in the Village.

That’s the band playing in Paris, above.

verena wiesendanger singerI really miss that time in my life and it took a lot of grieving to get over the fact that those days are behind me. Our last tour was in February of 2013, when we played NYC, LA, and SF. In LA we appeared on Good Day LA (Fox) with Scott Baio (for real).

dan crane writer musicianTracie P, then B, got to see us play in Paris and NYC in 2009.

Our girls (ages 4 and 2) will never get to see me perform with the band but one of the greatest thrills of grown-up life is watching them rock out to our music. They really don’t understand that it’s daddy playing guitar. Some day they will.

One of my favorite memories of those times is the video below. It’s a video that two guys, evidently our fans, made to one of my favorites, “Lawnmower Boy.” It’s a sexy song (that I wrote with my bandmates Dan and Verena) and it’s a sexy video. The song was also used for a sexy TV ad in Slovenia in 2008 (that video follows as well). We ended up playing in Slovenia where they really treated us like rockstars. That was so much fun (and crazy).

Anyways, thanks for letting me share this here. If you ever did see us play, please tell our girls someday about how their daddy used to rock out.

Buon weekend…

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