Taste southern with me in NYC 2/8, taste Franciacorta with me in Santa Barbara 2/22

jeremy parzen wine blogCatching my breath this morning after a long day of travel back from Italy yesterday.

But jumping right back in, I wanted to share the news that I will be part of panel on Southern Italian whites and rosés moderated by Bloomberg wine columnist Elin McCoy on Monday, February 8 in New York for the Italian Trade Commission’s Italian Wine Week 2016.

Jeff Porter of Del Posto and Roberta Morrell of Morrell’s will also be on the panel.

We’re pouring some fantastic wines and Elin has done a wonderful job of putting together an interesting discussion. She’s one of my favorite wine writers and the nicest person to work and taste with. I love her.

Here are the details for our panel and registration info.

And on Monday, February 22, I’ll be pouring and talking about Franciacorta wines for the Franciacorta Real Story project at Les Marchands in Santa Barbara. We stil haven’t nailed down the final details but gauging by the last tastings I did in Seattle (last year) and Miami (this month), this should be a super fun tasting.

Stay tuned for more info.

One of things that really impressed me on my trip to Italy last week was Franciacorta’s growing popularity across Italy.

In Montalcino on Tuesday night, I ate a classic Tuscan trattoria that dedicated an entire page of its wine list to Franciacorta.

And then on Wednesday in Verona, I drank Franciacorta at a wine bar/wine shop where Franciacorta was “stacked” at the entrance (above).

Everywhere I turn, it feels like Franciacorta is on the cusp of its big moment. Or maybe it’s just me. Probably just me.

Thanks for reading and if you happen to be at the Slow Wine tasting in Austin today, let’s taste together! I’ll be there.

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