Slow Wine Tasting February 1 in Austin (public service announcement)

From the department of “rocket science”…

slow wine tour 2016 usa“Forgive me if this is a bit impertinent,” wrote Alder Yarrow on the Slow Wine magazine website on January 8, 2016, “but the tasting in San Francisco is less than 20 days away, and there is no reference anywhere on this web site, or elsewhere on the internet about where consumers (never mind the trade or the press) could buy tickets if they wanted to actually attend…”

Alder, one of the leading wine writers in America today and a pioneer among wine bloggers, was lamenting the fact that the PR firm who is supposedly promoting the upcoming Slow Wine guide tour of the U.S. has done virtually nothing to raise awareness of the events.

In the wine-loving public’s interest, Giancarlo Gariglio, the guide’s co-editor-in-chief, has created this page for the Austin, Texas tasting, which takes place on February 1.

It includes a list of the wineries who will be presenting their wines (THANK YOU, Giancarlo!) as well a link to the Eventbright that allows you to register.

For the sake of expedience, here are the event details (including the new venue, which was recently changed by the organizers):

February 1, 2016
1-5 p.m.
Ironwood Hall
505 E. 7th Street
Austin TX 78701
Google map

I’m looking forward to catching up with Giancarlo when his crew visits Texas… And I hope to see you there and get the opportunity to taste with you.

And Colangelo PR, please keep up the good work!

Image via the Slow Wine Facebook.

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