Visit and taste at magical Venissa with me: Design and Wine Italy May 2016

venissa wine venice restaurant vineyardA city that rises up in the middle of the sea, with canals for streets, boats for cars, and ferries for busses.

It’s a city that was once and still is a capital of European art and intellectual thought.

In another era, at the height of its maritime power, it was also the European capital for prostitution, gambling, and drinking — the Las Vegas of its day. The condom was invented there, among other things.

It’s the city that gave us coffee culture. It’s the city that gave us cocktail culture.

It’s the city that gave us Marco Polo, Casanova, Tintoretto, Tiepolo, and Tiziano.

Hemingway loved to drink there. Eleonora Duse performed there.

Venice, the bride of the sea, the queen of the Adriatic.

It’s one of my favorite places in Italy and it’s one of the stops on the Design and Wine Italy 2016 tour, a trip that I’m leading together with my friends Adam and Toma (the Antiques Diva).

And on one of our three nights in Venice, we’ll be visiting Venissa, an “islander” winery and superb restaurant located on the tiny island of Mazzorbo, which sits to the north of Venice proper.

The Bisol family — the owners — will lead us through a tasting of the wine they make there before we sit down to a private dinner for our group.

It’s going to be one of the highlights of many. If we drink enough wine that night, I might just have to recite some poetry in Venetian dialect by Andrea Zanzotto, whose work inspired the name of this beautiful vineyard on the lagoon.

Click here for the complete itinerary and registration details.

Image via the Venissa Facebook.

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