Sant’Antimo timeless beauty off the grid

The power is out today in Montalcino after a thunderstorm that dropped rain on the township all morning long. I took advantage of the outage to play hookie from my computer (where I should have been typing away) and I visited the beautiful romanic (yes, “romanic” not romantic, mr. Spellcheck) church of Sant’Antimo where I snapped this photo with my iPhone.

I won’t be meeting with any growers until later today but the rain and seasonally appropriate temperatures are good signs for a healthy crop despite an extremely hot July.

Everywhere I’ve been in Italy so far, people tell me that the weather is “crazy” now every year. But despite the challenges posed by a hot summer, it could turn out to be a good to great vintage for many winemakers throughout Italy. After last year’s extremely wet vintage, that’s good news.

Stay tuned for more notes from the trip when I can get back online.

sant antimo abbey monks chant gregorian.jpg

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