At Osteria Francescana “Our cellar is not a museum where you kneel before this producer or that label.” Contrast over harmony…

giuseppe palmieriI really enjoyed translating this post today for my clients and friends at Bele Casel.

In it, Osteria Francescana wine director Giuseppe Palmieri (above) discusses his approach to wine pairing and his list at the Michelin three star, a restaurant considered by many to be the best in Italy right now.

“With all due respect to those who believe that a great food and wine pairing can be created using a list made up of famous names and appellations,” he writes, “we love those names and appellations as well but they aren’t part of our personal and professional histories.”

“In their kitchens,” he explains, chefs Massimo “Bottura, [Davide] Scabin, [Paolo] Lopriore, and [René] Redzepi had launched a revolution that opened the doors for contemporary cuisine. We were spurred by their work and it ‘forced’ us to follow and feed off this energy and their unusual approach. Clearly, their food had moved past the stereotypes of the 1990s like rack of lamb and seared foie gras with fruit confit. And so we wanted to find new pathways for new ideas and a new narrative.”

Click here for the post. Really interesting read…

Image via Giuseppe’s Facebook.

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