Franciacorta tastings with me in July: NYC, SF, LA & SD (ALL FREE)

I’m now nearly six months into my campaign as an English-language blogger and U.S. trade ambassador for the Franciacorta Consortium. It’s been a fantastic and immensely rewarding experience to dive so deep into an appellation that I love so much. Please support our campaign by coming out to taste with me in July. There is no charge to attend and these will be — by far — the biggest gatherings of Franciacorta wines to ever have been poured in one event in the U.S. Looking forward to tasting with you!

jeremy parzen italian wineI am thrilled to announce that St. Vincent restaurant in San Francisco (one of my favorite restaurants on the West Coast) has just agreed to host our July 15 Franciacorta tasting (see link below).

At each of our California and New York tastings, we will be pouring no fewer than 24 different labels, all of which are available (via one channel or another) in the U.S.

And I’ll be giving a short talk on the appellation, its history, its future, and why it stands apart in the world of sparkling wine.

To RSVP for any and all of them, please shoot me an email by clicking here.

The tastings are open to all but I do need to get a rough headcount. So please do send me a message if you’d like to attend.

Looking forward to tasting Franciacorta with you!

New York
I Trulli
Monday, July 6
11 a.m.

San Francisco
St. Vincent
Wednesday, July 15
11 a.m.

Los Angeles
Friday, July 17
11 a.m.

San Diego
Jaynes Gastropub
Saturday, July 18
11 a.m.

2 thoughts on “Franciacorta tastings with me in July: NYC, SF, LA & SD (ALL FREE)

    • Jameson, I’m working on Seattle for later this year… I’m going to make it happen and your feedback is really helpful (for convincing the powers that be that I should take the show to Seattle). Thanks man!

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