Please vote for Do Bianchi @WineBlogAwards!

Tropical Storm Bill update: the heavy rain and winds have already begun to hit the coast about an hour from our house. So far, where we live in southwest Houston, things are pretty calm. There have been a few tornado alerts but nothing for our area yet… We’re hunkered down at home with plenty of drinking water in case we lose water or can’t get out of our neighborhood tomorrow.

I have to admit it: deep down inside, I’ve always been kinda sad about the fact that I had never been nominated for a Wine Blog Award.

Well, this year, it seems, my luck has changed and I’ve been nominated for “best single subject” wine blog.

Thank you to everyone who nominated me! It’s a great feeling to have made the cut this year (for real)!

Check out the other nominees here and if inclined, please vote for Do Bianchi!

best wine blog america

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