Truffles like pennies from heaven paired with 04 Giacosa @TonyVallone

From the department of “nice work if you can get it”…

alba truffles best priceWhen a Texas wine colleague suggested that we have dinner at Tony’s last night, I knew it would be a great experience as always. But I had no idea that Tony — my dear friend and client — would treat us like pashas.

The truffles are so good this year: the rainy, cool summer in Langa (Piedmont) delivered a generous bounty.

When the waiter presented and remove the lid from the rice-lined truffle dome, it was as if a cartoon smoke hand gestured toward me saying, “come hither!”

I’ve had the great fortune over the years to taste Alba truffles on many occasions but this is definitely a stand-out crop, with powerful aromatic character and rich flavor.

Tony served them over a dish of homemade taglierini tossed in Parmigiano Reggiano.

And what better to pair them with than ten-year-old Giacosa Barolo Croera di La Morra (below), a wine from a great vintage when Bruno Giacosa was still working closely with Dante Scaglione. It showed beautifully imho and has many years ahead of it.

Tony, my goodness, thank you! You are too generous! That was one of the best meals of my year… unforgettable! Thank you!

giacosa 2004 white label barolo

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