Vin Santo in Siena, ending on a sweet note

best cafe siena italyThis trip to Italy has been one of the best and one of the toughest I’ve ever made.

Tough because it was so hard to be away from my family for so long and tough because I was forced to make some hard choices about my business and the people I work with.

But it was also a great trip: business has never been better and the meals on this journey have been exceptional.

There’s still so much to tell but it will all have to wait until next week when I’m back at my desk and back on track.

As I wind up the trip in the meantime, I’ll think about the Barbi Vin Santo and the ricciarelli (classic Sienese cookies) that my good friend Francesco Bonfio served us yesterday at the Nannini café and shop in the historical center of Siena where he runs its wine program.

Dulcis in fundo… only a few days on the road stand between me and my sweet daughters and loving wife and partner Tracie P in Houston.

Thanks for letting me share the experience with you. I’ll see you next week.

2 thoughts on “Vin Santo in Siena, ending on a sweet note

  1. Thanks to your generous introduction, we spent some lovely time with Francesco last month. He was warm, honest, deeply knowledgeable, gracious, wry, and kind. Once again, the mention of your name opened every door. As Francesco put it, “When a person says the name of Jeremy Parzen he becomes king of Siena!”

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