Hallelujah! The new Lou in Los Angeles

lou amdur wine los felizAbove: the new Lou, the amazing Lou Amdur’s newly opened wine shop in Los Feliz (Los Angeles).

Yesterday, I braved two hours in grid-lock traffic to get from the westside of Los Angeles to Los Feliz to see Lou Amdur’s new wine shop. It’s getting tougher to get around in LA these days but I just had to make the pilgrimage.

Lou and his now closed and sorely missed wine bar/restaurant, Lou on Vine, have played a vital and vibrant role in the U.S. wine community and wine discourse (not to mention my own wine life).

And so, however pressed for time on this trip to California, I wasn’t going to miss a visit to the new shop, where the focus is on “natural and unusual” and value-driven, wholesome wines (I picked up a bottle of 2012 Nosiola by Castel Noarna for under $25).

lou amdur wine shop los angelesThe thing about Lou is that not only is he one of our community’s leading and most meticulous tasters and taste-makers, he is also one of the most tender-hearted human beings I have ever met.

During the short time we visited yesterday, he told his co-worker and me a story about a guest at the old Lou on Vine that brought us both to bittersweet-tasting tears with the narrative’s denouement.

I wish I had more time today to share our conversation and my impressions of his wonderful new shop. But I’m so slammed with work that I’ll just point you to his site and blog where it’s easy to get lost in the rabbit hole of his curious mind and sensitive palate.

Now it’s time for me to get back to the fleur de sel mine. Thanks for reading. Check out Lou’s shop next time you’re in LA.

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