Chi Spacca in LA, I really liked it

chi spacca esquire magazinePosting in a flurry this morning from the road in LA, where I poured my client Bele Casel’s Prosecco Colfòndo last night at DomaineLA.

After the tasting, which was super fun, a group of us — food and wine professionals and music trade folks — headed to the newish Chi Spacca across the street on Melrose (at Highland).

I really liked this latest Silverton-Batali-Bastianich concept, a pseudo-butchershop and salumeria affair: there were no celebrities, you could hear your dining companions speak, and the food was simple, pure, and wholesome.

I was geeked to find Ca’ Lojera Lugana del Lupo (from Turbiana or Trebbiano di Lugana) on the list at a reasonable price. Paired nicely with the delicious focaccia di Recco, a favorite dish among restaurant trade people, I learned.

Ok, gotta run and taste… Thanks for being here.

2 thoughts on “Chi Spacca in LA, I really liked it

  1. i don’t know what kind of flaky, gooey focaccia that is, but it looks SO GOOD! console yourself with that, 2B! would definitely make me feel better ;)

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