Octopus panna cotta

From the department of “nice work if you can get it”…

octopus panna cotta recipeI just had to share this image of “Octopus Panna Cotta” from a work dinner last night at Tony’s in Houston, the namesake restaurant of my good friend and client Tony Vallone.

It was just so exquisite, delicate, and delicious and so beautifully plated.

It almost looked like a cake from one of Georgia P’s toy cookery sets and I have no idea how chef Kate (who’s also become a good friend) managed to create the pseudo-flower arrangement.

The tasting menu last night was one of the best meals of my year and I just loved its playfulness and juxtapositions.

A lot of people in Houston have been talking about how Tony’s dropped in the ridiculous top 100 hundred list put out by the paper of record each year (the unveiling event was held on erev Rosh Hashanah, Jewish New Year’s Eve, just to give you an idea of how out-of-touch the editors are; this is a majorly Jewish town and in case they didn’t notice, Jews like to go out to dinner, too, just not on their High Holy Days!).

What tosh!

The food at Tony’s has never been better. Period, end of report

It’s been quite a week here at the blog. Thanks for being here and following along. I’ll see you next week. Drink something great this weekend! It’s Tracie P’s birthday weekend, after all.

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