Why a bad vintage is good, Super Tuscans @WineSearcher & a special dinner @SottoLA

chef steve samson sotto los angelesAbove: my good friend from college, chef Steve Samson at Sotto in Los Angeles, is going to recreate an Emilian feast next Wednesday in celebration of his parents’ Brooklyn-Bologna wedding fifty years ago. There are still seats available for the late seating. I’ll be there pouring the wines I’ve selected for the dinner. Here’s the link for more info and the story of how it came together.

Man, what an insane week it’s been!

The “umpteenth Brunello scandal,” as one Italian wine writer called it, trumped all of the week’s news.

It eclipsed, among other things, my first contribution to the WineSearcher.com blog wherein I take a look at Super Tuscans beyond the -aia wines. I had a lot of fun writing the piece and it’s been great to work with Wink Lorch, the current editor there. She’s an amazing writer and a wonderful editor.

Alfonso also published his first piece there, a fantastic overview of Etna wines.

The Brunello coverage also kept me from responding to an important comment here by Sicilian winemaker Marilena Barbera.

In response to my translation of Luciano Ferraro’s post on Italy’s “black harvest 2014,” she lamented that my Italian colleague was being overly dramatic.

I’ve rectified this with my post today for the Boulder Wine Merchant, Why a bad vintage is good.

The great Tuscan winemaker Piero Talenti supposedly once said that “there are no bad vintages. There are just vintages when we make less wine.” I believe there’s a lot of wisdom in the aphorism, even if Talenti never said it.

Click here to read my post.

Thanks for being here and have a great weekend! I’ll see you next week.

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