Prosecco supply-demand crisis & Italians eating breakfast tacos in Austin

italian wine austinYesterday, I took “team sparkling wine” for classic Texas breakfast tacos at Taco Deli in Austin. After all, no trip to the Groover’s Paradise is complete without them.

I’m posting in hurry this morning as I head out the door to the airport to jump on a flight for Los Angeles (I’ll be at Sotto tonight, btw, pouring and talking about wine).

best breakfast tacos austinSomewhere between changing a diaper and kissing a booboo this morning, I did manage to translate this post for my client Bele Casel. It’s about the absurdity of the Prosecco consortium’s restrictions on sales. I’m always impressed by grape grower Luca Ferraro’s earnestness in writing about his appellation and his wines.

And I highly recommend the post to you: I believe that Luca’s insights can help us to understand how Prosecco is changing.

“I’m just a simple farmer,” he writes. “But I would have preferred lower maximum yields over the current policy” of blocking sales.

Lastly, Houstonians, if it’s not on your radar, Tony will be pouring Massolino 2009 Barolo next Tuesday at Ciao Bello for his “Evening in Piedmont” dinner. I’ll be there to talk about the wines.

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you on the other side!

jeremy parzen italian wine

9 thoughts on “Prosecco supply-demand crisis & Italians eating breakfast tacos in Austin

  1. What can be done to affect change for Prosecco, speaking as a consumer?

    Also, what is being done at other levels?

    • As a consumer, you can be aware of the difference in quality between DOC and DOCG wines (this is one of the few cases where DOCG really does designate a higher-quality wine). And you can also look out for producers who deliver wines that reflect the genuine traditions of Prosecco: Bele Casel (my client), Coste Piane, Costadilà, Zanotto, Vigne di Alice, Nino Franco (I love his Rustico)… there are plenty of them… these are just some that pop into my head.

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