Rest in peace aunt Lillian, know that we love you Levy family

aunt lillianMy great aunt Lillian passed yesterday in Houston at age 97.

May she rest in peace.

She was my father’s aunt. But because my father is estranged from my family, I never knew her or the Levy clan until I moved to Texas to be with Tracie P (six years ago now). Now we’re all very close.

She was cousin Marty’s mother and I was named after her husband, Marty’s father, Ira Levy, who took care of my dad after my biological grandfather died when my father was just a boy in South Bend, Indiana, where they all lived.

My full name is Jeremy Ira Parzen.

She was a very sweet lady who loved to wear bright-red lipstick and she played bridge throughout her 90s. And when we would visit at Kenny & Ziggy’s deli in Houston, she and I would enjoy borscht together. She had a good life and her children loved her and took great care of her.

She was the last in her generation and we’ll miss her.

Rest in peace, Aaunt Lillian. I’m so glad that Tracie P and I got to know you.

Levy family, know that we love you and that you are in our thoughts and hearts.

In other sad news…

Carol Hastings, a partner in Chambers & Chambers, the California-based importer of fine wines, passed on Saturday.

I didn’t know her personally but I know that her unexpected passing has been devastating for her company and the wineries that she worked with. She did a lot in her life to promote awareness of great Italian wine in our country.

We posted an in memoriam for her yesterday over on the Bele Casel blog (Chambers is their importer).

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