A very special Mother’s Day for the Parzen family

jeremy parzen familyDespite some runny noses, yesterday was a very special Mother’s Day for the Parzen family.

Its was our first Mother’s Day since Lila Jane (left) came into this world last July (Georgia P, right, was born in December 2011).

Being a parent has been such a wonderful experience for me. I have so much fun with both of our girls and they are both so sweet.

But it’s their beautiful mother, Tracie P, who deserves the credit for raising them so well.

Whether it’s researching potty training or sourcing organically grown fruits and vegetables for them to eat, she’s made parenting her full-time focus and she does an incredible job.

My joy in being a parent is rivaled only by that of watching Tracie P be a loving mother. Seeing her raise our girls has made me fall in love all over again with her.

best enchiladas houstonFor our Mother’s Day celebration, we went to Vallone’s on the west side of Houston. It’s my friend and client Tony Vallone’s new homage to americana gastronomy.

Tracie had tortellini stuffed with short ribs and gorgeous piece of grilled red snapper from the Gulf of Mexico. I couldn’t resist have the “Tex,” classic Tex Mex style enchiladas matched with an aged filet mignon.

It was a rich Sunday brunch for us (thanks again, Tony, for treating us!). As I looked out across the dining room, crowded with mothers and their families, I couldn’t help but reflect on how lucky I am to have made it to this place in life.

Our family still faces many financial challenges ahead but there could be no greater wealth than sitting at the table with the Parzen girls.

Tracie P, I love you so much: thank you for giving us Lila Jane and Georgia P and thank you for being such a fantastic mother. Every day, you teach me something new about what it means to be a good parent. Your tenderness knows no bounds and it shows in the sweetness of our daughters… I love you.

One thought on “A very special Mother’s Day for the Parzen family

  1. i love you so much and your hard work and dedication to our family is inspiring, 2B :) thanks for being such a great and involved daddy!

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