Soldera prize, a great opportunity for under-35 wine pros

soldera case basse prizeAbove: I’ve had the opportunity to taste with Soldera at his Case Basse estate on a few occasions. It’s true that he can be a grumpy old man sometimes but the conversation is always fascinating.

Now in its fourth year, the International Brunello di Montalcino Case Basse Soldera Award for Young Researchers is currently taking submissions for the 2014 prize (there’s no permalink on his site for the rules and regulations but there is this image file and you can find the info on the news in English page).

Papers may be submitted in Italian or English and although the research must be related to Brunello di Montalcino and Sangiovese, topics are not limited to hard science, viticulture, and ampelography. Wine marketing, for example, is one of the fields included.

According to the competition rules and regulations, applicants — who must be under 35 — may “carry out their research in more depth and benefit from hospitality at [the] Case Basse [estate].”

How cool is that? I can tell you from personal experience that chatting with Soldera and drinking iced tea under the pergola of his courtyard is always a fascinating experience. A visit to his white flower garden alone is worth the price of admission.

News of the new call for submissions came to my attention via Terra, Uomo, Cielo.

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