Italian wine tasting for 300+ #dbc2014 TY @AdamJapko

design bloggers conference atlantaAbove: a view from the stage yesterday at the Design Bloggers Conference 2014 in Atlanta where I led a guided tasting for 300+ bloggers.

Social media saved my life.

It’s thanks to social media that I reinvented myself and found a new career as a wine blogger back in 2007 when I was broke, single, and rudderless in New York City.

It’s thanks to social media that I met Tracie P in 2008, fell in love, got married in 2010, and started a family — the greatest experience of my life.

And it’s thanks to social media that I became friends with Adam Japko, one of the most extraordinary, dynamic people I know.

wine tasting atlantaAbove: wine for 300 bloggers!

Adam asked me to speak yesterday about “how to make any story a sharable story” at the Design Bloggers Conference in Atlanta (#dbc2014), a standing-room-only event that he organizes each year.

And so I told the story of how my story became a sharable one and how social media helped me reinvent myself, find the true love of my life, and launch a successful marketing consulting business.

Each of the wines we served at the tasting represented a moment in the arc of my narrative.

jeremy parzenAbove: back in 2007, as my childhood friend Irwin remembers fondly, I told him that I was going to have a career as a wine blogger. “What’s a wine blogger?” he asked me at our favorite taco shack in La Jolla. I could have never imagined where social media was going to take me.

The Bele Casel Prosecco Colfòndo, aged on its lees and undisgorged, was cloudy and savory with a sharp citrus note. Like me back in 2007, its raw, pure flavor was looking for the right pairing.

The Ka Maciné Rossese from the Ligurian riviera was bright and rich in brilliant, Technicolor red fruit and berry flavor, a wine that you might sip as you gaze into your new lover’s eyes as he/she looks out on the bay at Portofino.

In sharp focus, the Castello di Verduno Pelaverga delivered its classic white pepper note, the spice of a new love, a new life, and a new career, the fulfillment of a peripeteia that began après la guerre.

Thank you, Adam, for being such a great friend and mentor and for letting me tell my story to such a wonderful audience.

And thank you, design bloggers, for all the thoughtful comments and kind words that you’ve shared.

I’m so glad to be here and so happy that social media has brought us together.

All of the wines can be found at Ceri Smith’s Biondivino in San Francisco, one of my favorite wine merchants in the country.

12 thoughts on “Italian wine tasting for 300+ #dbc2014 TY @AdamJapko

  1. Hi,

    Can I say something?

    I’m a “blogger” from Poland. I read your every blog post since something like 6 years. Probably you don’t remember me, but we met in Brescia (EWBC Franciacorta) and had quite long chat about pretty much everything.
    So now, after reading your post about conference in Atlanta, I’d like to say something. Thank you and I love you. Really (no worries, I’m a happy father of four), thank you soooo much for being honest and totally unpretentious. Your words really moved me. I’m glad to see your way from nowhere to wonderful place you’re now.

    All the best!!!


  2. Jeremy,

    Keep up the great work. Reading your blog is always a pleasure as it offers such insightful thoughts on the world of Italian wines. I wish we had more wine writers like you here in Montreal, Quebec. I know it’s a long shot but if ever you’re in Montreal, it would be an honour to share un buon bicchiere di Quintarelli insieme a te.

    Cin cin!


  3. I was one of the fortunate bloggers to hear your talk at the conference and it was by far, one of my favorites! I’ve always been a white wine girl, but Ka Maciné Rossese is now on my list of wines to buy (I actually keep a list on my phone of wines that I like because I never remember the names), so thank you for that. Now, onto find a new lover to drink it with! :)


  4. my goodness, thanks so much for all the kind words and thoughts here. I’m so glad people enjoy the blog and more than anything, I love the community that we have formed through wine blogging. Whether Atlanta, Brescia, Montreal, or Houston… we can travel to nearly every major city and beyond and find like-minded people who share a sensibility.

    Maciek, my Polish brother, I do remember, of course. And I hope we’ll get to taste together again soon. Are you going to Vinitaly?

    Jennifer, so glad you liked the wine. The Rossese is a really special one. :)

  5. Jeremy, it was a real pleasure to hear you speak on Monday at the design bloggers conference. I am following you now and just re-posted your post from Monday’s event on my facebook page encouraging my followers to read your blog. The wine was fabulous and I look forward to reading your blog.
    Thank you!

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  7. I just have to say that your presentation at the DBC was absolutely wonderful. While not a designer, so much of what you had to share is an inspiration to all bloggers. You truth and candor was awesome and you have a definite fan in me. Hope you’ll be at the conference next year.
    All the best!
    p.s. Those wines were rockin’

  8. Jeremy, I so love that first picture and the delight and surprise that is evident on Jeffrey’s face… and Paloma’s… and Leslie’s and the whole gang. You were the perfect ending to a packed day. Thank you and thank you for your transparency.

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