Bartolo Mascarello 97 to celebrate the birth of Aiden & Liam Yelenosky

megan yelenosky

It was such a joy for me to finally meet Aiden and Liam Yelenosky, who came into this world on Monday November 4, 2013.

That’s their dad John Yelenosky — affectionately known as “Yele” — one of my best friends of all time. He and I grew up together in La Jolla, California, playing basketball and playing music, not always staying out of trouble but always looking out for one another.

John and his wife Megan — both top wine professionals; he a rep for Southern, she a beverage director for a major San Diego hotel — faced some tough challenges over the arc of time that spanned their decision to have children and the day their twin boys arrived. But they never lost their optimism, even in the lowest moments, and their love for one another and their desire to have a family were never diminished.

1997 bartolo mascarello barolo

Making my last business trip to southern California for 2013, I was thrilled to spend some precious hours together with their new family and Jayne and Jon at Jaynes Gastropub.

Even though I’ve lived in Texas for five years now, Tracie P and I have stayed very close with John and Megan and Jon and Jayne. And now we all have families. Jon and Jayne were the first, then Tracie P and I, and now the circle is complete.

To commemorate the occasion we opened a bottle of 1997 Barolo by Bartolo Mascarello from my cellar. What an incredible bottle of wine! One of the best I’ve had this year. Fresh and electric with acidity and notes of ripe berry fruit balanced by that classic earthiness that you find in the Mascarello family’s wines. A stunning bottle for a moment I’ll never forget…

Congratulations, Megan and John. Tracie P and I are so happy for you and so proud of you. We love you a lot…

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