My heart, my Italy, my tagliatelle

tagliatelle ai funghi

I’ve devoted my entire adult life to the study of Italian literature, language, culture, history, viticulture, and gastronomy.

But no place in Italy is closer to my heart than the gentle hills of Proseccoland.

Superb tagliatelle ai funghi at lunch today at the Ristorante-Enoteca Salis in Santo Stefano (Valdobbiadene).

I ordered without even looking at the menu: around these parts, the dish is de rigueur.

cartizze prosecco valdobbiadene

The restaurant overlooks Cartizze.

I highly recommend it.

cristian zago primo franco

I came here to meet Primo Franco (right) and we shared two unforgettable meals together.

He’s one of the greats of Prosecco and he insisted that Christian Zago (left), one of the appellation’s rising stars, meet us for lunch today.

These are my people, these are my tagliatelle, this is my heart, this is my Italy.

I’ll tell all just as soon as I can get back home and catch my breath… Still have road to travel and more to taste…

11 thoughts on “My heart, my Italy, my tagliatelle

  1. thanks, everyone, for sharing the joy that I feel in this place.

    ACE: very cool folks. Primo insisted that Christian come meet us.

    Vinogirl: Valdobbiadene is such a magical place and still very wild and untamed. Look at the canopy on those vineyards!

    James, it’s all about the eggs in the pasta.

    Stacy, one of these days, when I retire… I’ll make it back to my beloved Padua… :) thanks for the invite

    Diane, so great to see you here… Thanks for sharing my adventures!

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  3. Jeremy, your post about this lunch in Veneto & ordering the tagliatelle is just amazing. Viva. Marco

    Marco Bianco
    Pizzeria Bianco
    Phoenix, Arizona USA

    • Marco, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you being here and your comment. It means the world to me. I really hope we find a way to connect and taste together sooner than later. Thanks so much…

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