Letter to my daughters, loves of my life

love of my life

september 23, 2013
somewhere above the Atlantic ocean

my dearest daughters, you were both sleeping when I got up this morning and finished packing my bag for my business trip to Italy.

It was still dark and mommy’s eyes were still filled with sleep when I kissed her goodbye and Lila, you were sleeping on her chest.

Georgia, you were sleeping in your bed and nanna was asleep in your bedroom, too.

Yesterday, when I got back from my business trip and family visit in California (your grandma Judy’s 80th birthday party), we got to spend a few, precious, short hours together at home…

Mommy took some fun photos of both of you and I have them loaded on my phone so that I can look at them every time I feel the sharp pangs of missing you…

I said this to mommy the other day: leaving you at home for my trips makes me feel like the first times I had to leave her when she and I first fell in love and decided to devote our lives to each other and start a family… I’ll never forget the very first time we had to say goodbye… we held each other so tightly and the tears fell from my eyes… It was so hard to say goodbye then and it’s so hard to say goodbye now…

please know that I love you… I love you with all my heart and for eternity… and as much as I am not whole without you, the thought of when I’ll get back home to you and to mommy is what gives me strength in the sadness that comes with missing you so much…

please take good care of mommy while I’m gone… I’ll count the moments until I can get back to you…

love, your dad

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